Over 165 years of God's grace and blessing
Our Past

St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church of the town of Lake Mills, known to many as the Newville Church, is over 165 years old.

The congregation began in 1856 in the area northwest of Lake Mills by German farmers served by traveling preachers. In the 1860s and 1870s the congregation solidified its identity as a Lutheran church with the help of Pastor Goldammer of St. John, Jefferson, and led by Herman Haese, a teacher at the congregation who trained at the seminary so that he could become its pastor. St. John is a "mother church" to many churches in the area, including St. John, Waterloo, St. James, Cambridge, and St. Paul, Lake Mills.

The church was originally located on Highway 89 north of Lake Mills at the intersection of Rock Lake Road. The old church cemetery is still maintained in that area. In 1876, the congregation relocated to its present location at the intersection of Airport Road and Newville Road.

When the original brick building was destroyed by lightning in 1913, the congregation rebuilt in the same location. Since then, Highway 30 and Interstate 94 were subsequently constructed near the church. Today, many travelers from around the state recognize the familiar steeple of the "little white church by the interstate."

Our Present

St John is a growing community of individuals and families who love to gather together to be strengthened in their faith.

We currently worship in our historic building, nestled along the interstate, just minutes outside of Lake Mills. 

On a typical Sunday you'll find a bustling room full of about 75 people including young, energetic kids!

Our Future

In 2020, the congregation recommited itself to the practice of previous generations of St John members - seeking to start a church in a neighboring community. This led to starting a mission congregation in nearby Deerfield WI called Hope in Deerfield. 

We are excited about making an eternal impact in our current area and in Deerfield as we continue to proclaim the good news and show love to our communities for generations to come!